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Project of greenery at Gorodotska street in Lviv

Gorodotska street is one of the most important streets in Lviv which is connecting city center with the railway station. In 2013 part of the street close to the city center was reconstructed and when the work was finished everybody saw that there are no trees nor bushes planted.

Once appeared an idea to plant trees on the center line of the street. I’ve made the visualizations as a volunteer and after that there was a lot of discussions with the city council about the driving safety, building rules and world experience. Finally permition was given and crowdfounding process started. All the budget was filled by more than a hundred people during 3 months.

Finally at Gorodotska street were planted 11 sakura trees which successfully survived in winter and blossomed next spring after that.

That case became a good example of possibility of this type of street greening for a city council and it made similar actions at another part of Gorodotska street later.